Adding Hollywood Glamour to Thermally Reconditioned Hair

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Sometimes a picture really IS worth a thousand words. One of the qualities that makes the Bio Ionic hair straightening procedure so attractive is that unlike some of the other treatments out there, your hair can still be styled and curled.

Melissa has been having Bio Ionic Thermal Reconditioning procedures done for 9 years. She has beautiful long red hair but its natural texture is coarse, wavy and frizzy.

Here is a photo of her hair before she is had a retouch service. We will be treating only the regrowth and the rest of the hair will have protective products applied.

This is her hair right after we straightened the roots with the Bio ionic permanent straightening procedure.

Melissa came back months later because she wanted an "old Hollywood glamour" hairstyle for a party she was going to. With a little product and a curling iron, we were able to achieve the look she wanted.

This hairstyle would have been impossible to achieve if she had been having some of the other types of thermal reconditioning done instead of the Bio Ionic. With some of the others, her hair would have barely taken a bend and even if it had, it would have lost the curl very quickly. Bio Ionic rocks.

~ Blair