Tales from Behind the Chair

A new client came in for a haircut. As I was cutting and combing, she asked me not to let the comb touch her head in a certain spot because she had been mauled by a lion when she was younger. Hmmm..... I told myself that she must have told that story way too many times for me to ask her to tell it again so I kept quiet. I kept cutting and cutting and finally blurted out, "Ok, I'm sorry but I just have to ask..." Well, apparently she had been playing tennis with several girlfriends one day when she was a young teen. She said that her hair was so long at the time that it fell below her short tennis skirt. She and her friends were invited to someone's house afterwards. The owners lived in a wealthy enclave with peacocks roaming the grounds. The owners mentioned that they had a baby lion on the premises. Would the girls like to see it? Of course! Thinking that the little guy was in a cage, they were led into a room. The baby lion was not in a cage, he had the full run of the room that he was kept in. Well, you know how kittens like to play with yarn? Yep. That little lion took one look at her long hair... She said that she can still remember it leaping across the room towards her. She said she always remembers it in slooooow motion. He pinned her down and started playing with her hair until they could entice him off of her. This is a true story and these types of stories are the reason that my profession is never boring!

~ Blair