Yuko 101

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

I recently attended a Yuko Japanese Straightening class as an observer. We stylists who were already experienced were there to watch the other stylists learn how to perform the Yuko procedure and of course, learn little tips and tricks in the process. There is always something new to learn which keeps our profession interesting. As an observer, I had time to take a lot of photos and I want to share a little bit about the process with you. I tracked the progress of two models in particular.

Both model's hair were analyzed for proper solution type, timing and application of protective products. Next they were shampooed and their hair was pre-treated with protective products. After that, the 1st straightening solution was applied.

After the appropriate timing, each model was shampooed and their hair was treated with more protective products. At this point, the tedious work begins. The hair was divided into 4 quadrants. Each quadrant was blow dried to about 80 - 90% dry.

After each section was blow dried, very small sub sections were painstakingly flat ironed. It took about 2 hours to flat iron EACH model properly. The heat from the flat iron is what re-forms the softened internal bonds of the hair into its new, straight configuration.

By now the hair looks perfect but it's not ready yet. A neutralizer gets applied over all of that beautifully flat-ironed hair! Basically the neutralizer 'sets' the hair into its new shape. After 5 minutes the neutralizer get rinsed off and the hair is shampooed, conditioned and blown dry. It is straight - Yay!

The final step involves flat ironing the hair again. Fortunately, this step does not need to take a long time. The hair is flat ironed quickly and it goes from straight to shiny, lustrous and absolutely pin straight. After each model receives the final style, they are finished. Another Yuko miracle has been performed!

~ Blair