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Thermal reconditioning specialist transforming hair texture since 2005

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Get to Know Me!

Seeing a new hairstylist can be both exciting and scary. Click below to learn more about me as well as my credentials.

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Let me guide you through the process of getting started.Fill out a new guest form and find out if you are a good candidate.

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new guest page

Step Three

Head on over to the FAQs  page to learn more about how this works and the steps involved.

About thermal


The Buzz Around Town...

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What Clients Say

"My hair used to be what I was most insecure about and now it's what I get the most compliments on!"

Caroline S.

Women want hair that ...
dries straight and smooth
is vacation-ready and carefree
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looks healthy and shiny

Before and After

Please fill out the New Guest Form below to get started.

I look forward to meeting you!

Please note that if you have bleach in your hair you will not be a candidate for thermal reconditioning.

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Thermal Reconditioning SF

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